Coming New year, learn New skills, reach New level..

Jan 01 and 02 in CESCI Madurai,

Paid workshop in Tamil with food and accommodation in natural environment.

Trainers: Photokaaran Dhas, Melur Ramanathan, Dindugal Raghupathi

What to expect in this 2 days residential class?

Experience the art of story telling and grammar of Photography 

Explore and experiment with the new mirrorless cameras and deep dive on technical details 

Learn how to balance the gimbal and start using it like pro

Ideas to capture candid moments to make cinematic style wedding coverages

Understand and stay organised with the B roll for Pre and Post wedding Shoot with shoot sheet, key scenes, lights, props and actors

Get complete notes and time tested tricks and templates for different occasions 

Learn from our past mistakes and issues in edits and deliver top class output now

Only 10 participants – Register now!

Check out our highlights package from our previous class!

Listen to Trainer Melur Ramanathan explaining the content of workshop in Tamil

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